World's strongest man steroids testing

A school laboratory accident mixes one student's vitamin cereal mix with Dexter Riley's chemical experiment. When the kids decide to dispose of the mess to their neighbor's cow, they learn that the cereal gave the cow the super-strength to give a massively vast supply of milk. When they try it out on themselves, they discover that the stuff gives any human superhuman strength for a few minutes. The school sees this as the thing needed to save their school from closure, as the Dean makes a deal with his relative who owns the company that makes the cereal for financial support, unaware that it was Dexter's chemical which was solely responsible for the strength. When her competitor learn of this deal, he hires two criminals to stop it. Written by Kenneth Chisholm <kchishol@>

Initially, eight men representing various sports and strength disciplines were invited to compete against each other in unique events designed to test each individual to the fullest extent. The earliest events were relatively crude, but new ideas were introduced over the years. Some events had a basis in both powerlifting and Highland Games heavy events, and others were created based on mythological feats of strength. There are a number of events that make up each competition. The events used in each individual contest vary in order to prevent favoring certain types of competitor. [ citation needed ]

First, here are some tremendously strong men who could justifiably be included on anyone's strongest strongman list. I do not include them because, in my personal view, their exhibitions of mighty strength were too short, too incomplete, more of athletic power rather than pure strength, as with Olympiclifting and strongman contests. Or, their lifts were exceeded rather quickly, were not documented with witnesses and/or limited, or even too specialized. My short list of really great strong men, which could be a lot longer, includes:

World's strongest man steroids testing

world's strongest man steroids testing


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