Turbolinux 12.5

It did it by using two capturing groups. The first capturing group caught everything before the first "foo". In this example it was text "this is ". The second group caught everything after the first "foo", including the second "foo". In this example " and another foo". The matched text was then replaced with contents of first group "this is " followed by "bar" and contents of second group " and another foo". Since " quux" was not part of the match it was left unchanged. Joining these parts the resulting string is "this is bar and another foo quux", which is exactly what we got from running the one-liner.

Turbolinux 12.5

turbolinux 12.5


turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5