Topical steroids for dry eyes

Pseudocatalase - There are 2 forms of pseudocatalase (PCat) - They are PC-KUS, developed by Dr. Karin Schallreuter, and PCAT, available only through a few compounding pharmacies in the US and Canada. Dr. Schallreuter's formula is only available through an initial consultation at her clinic in Griefswald, Germany. The two formulas are similar in nature, though Dr Schallreuter's formula is specific to the individual. PCat is typically applied to the entire body twice per day. NB-UVB is used for a very brief period of 15 seconds or so to activate the medication.

People with dry eyes often fail to understand how simply changing their lifestyle or habits can greatly improve dry eye symptoms. Simply stopping smoking or even reducing the places you go where more smokers may be present can have a dramatic effect on reducing dry eye symptoms. One underestimated change in lifestyle that can dramatically reduce symptoms is to get proper amounts of sleep, and to make sure you are adequately hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day. Coffee can dehydrate your body. Just cutting down to one cup of coffee in the morning instead of two may help a lot. Also, if you are reading a lot or using the computer more than a couple of hours at a time, take frequent breaks and actively think about blinking more often.

The doctor may suggest hospitalization simply because it may be necessary to break the cycle of chronic inflammation, or other problems that are exacerbating the illness. Frequently, five or six days of vigorous in-hospital treatment care can result in a dramatic clearing of the eczema. Food tests, allergy skin testing, and the development of an outpatient therapy plan can all be done during the hospitalization. Unfortunately, getting approval from insurers is often difficult. During an acute flare the number of 15-20 minute baths must be increased to three or four per day. Besides hydrating the skin, baths also increase the penetration of topical medication up to ten-fold if the medicine is applied immediately after the bath. Wet wraps after baths may also help hydration and medicinal penetration. Bedtime wet wraps are most practical, and can be done with elasticized gauze followed by ace bandages or double pajamas. (The first pair of pajamas is worn damp but not soaking wet, and a second pair of dry pajamas is worn over them. For a tighter fit, sometimes a plastic sauna suit is used instead of the dry pajamas.) For feet and hands, socks can be used. Additional blankets or increased room heat may be necessary during this three to seven days to prevent chilling.

Topical steroids for dry eyes

topical steroids for dry eyes


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