Tbol only diet

On the other hand, Test is also a "wet" compound as opposed to a "dry" compound. It will aromatize (which can be combatted through the proper ancillaries), be 5a-reduced to DHT (can be bad for some people, but can also be combatted through the proper ancillaries) & increase weight (which is bad for people wanting to maintain or drop to a certain weight). These qualities make it bad for certain individuals with differing goals. I will argue that oral only cycles can also be effective, though less so than test base cycles. One can theoretically keep natty test levels higher with SERMS and AI and use orals to get good results. Also, this will obviously meet with disagreement from "traditionalists", but there is also the idea of "pulse cycling" orals to avoid suppression at the cost of some results. "Traditionalists" will definitely doubt the effectiveness of this method, but they have definitely not tried it and are not keeping an open mind. Please see below article for explanation:

Tbol only diet

tbol only diet


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