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So I recently got my hands on a 2012 batch. Performance is good (about 6-7h) and projection 2-3h. What I don't like about it is that, to my nose, it smells more linear, soapier than the newer versions. It's earthy, not spicy as many use to describe it.

Today I went to Sephora and smelled their 2013 batch tester, and I think it's better in terms of smell (didn't pay much attention to performance this time).

The bottle is 100% authentic (checked the batch code); it came in a gift set (+after shave & shower gel).

I'm a bit worried, 'cause I paid a lot of money to get it. La nuit is indeed my favorite fragrance, but this how it's supposed to smell like?

The best part of this scent is the opening. For a few minutes it's nice and heavy and made me thinking of buying it. I get something incency at the opening among other heavy notes but it's short lived. The dry down is a nightmare for me, quite nauseating. I felt sick to some point and went outside for some fresh air. This is all about strong caramel, mild lavender, strong and harsh tonka bean, mild milk and coffee, vanilla. I don't get much patchouli. It's strong stuff but not a beast. 

Feels nice in fall temperatures especialy for evenings but it could be nice in daytime.

I'm 100% sure that I've smelt this scent before in a super cheap perfume shop here but I can't figure out which scent resembles it. The only difference is that this Mugler is even heavier, rich and deeper from the cheap stuff I smelt. I also find it quite unisex. It would be great on a woman.

Sorry, not for me.

Stewie steroids wear off

stewie steroids wear off


stewie steroids wear offstewie steroids wear offstewie steroids wear off