Samir bannout steroids

I think we’re getting into one of those zones of being very very selective with information. In that transformation picture firstly you can see the difference in lighting, like all transformation pictures they take the worst possible picture and the best possible picture. I also doubt the body stats of any youtuber ever, if we’re looking at him in the best possible lighting and he looks like he’s 14% body fat or so he’s probably higher. I’ve been measured at 8%, personally thought I was 12-14% and looked much leaner than him under good lighting. Another 2 things is that 5% body fat with a high LBM is much harder than floating around the 15% mark with a high LBM, I gained weight from 82kgs to 90kgs and my body fat reading peaked at around 16% (again probably not even close to true) I think these guys will manipulate data and take their best body fat reading, highest weight reading and best photo in the space of a few days which could be significantly different.

Known as "the Lion of Lebanon", Samir Bannout won the Mr. Olympia title in 1983. At that time, only six men had held this most prestigious title since the contest began in 1965. Many of them, obviously, held the title for several years, Bannout won it just once, a distinction shared with Chris Dickerson (1982) and Dexter Jackson (2008). Samir has appeared on the covers of many fitness and bodybuilding publications, including Strength and Health , MuscleMag International , Muscle Digest , Flex , Muscle Training Illustrated , Muscle and Fitness , Muscle Up , IronMan and Muscular Development magazines.

Samir bannout steroids

samir bannout steroids


samir bannout steroidssamir bannout steroidssamir bannout steroidssamir bannout steroidssamir bannout steroids