Primary cns lymphoma steroids

The Eyes— In addition to the leptomeninges, the eye is another important site of primary CNS lymphoma [12-14]. Embryologically and functionally, the eye is an extension of the nervous system. Occasionally, ocular involvement (as opposed to orbital lymphoma, which always represents systemic disease) occurs by direct extension of brain disease through the optic nerve or meninges, but more commonly it arises as an independent site of this multifocal process [15]. Patients may present with blurred vision or floaters, but clinically this may be hard to distinguish from more common benign ocular conditions, particularly in an older population. In the AIDS population, these symptoms may be confused with ocular infections, particularly cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis. In addition, about half of patients with ocular lymphoma have no visual symptoms.

Extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma, also known as mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma: This is the most common type of marginal zone lymphoma. It starts in places other than the lymph nodes (extranodal). Most MALT lymphomas start in the stomach and are linked to infection by Helicobacter pylori (the bacteria that causes many stomach ulcers). MALT lymphoma might also start in the lung, skin, thyroid, salivary glands, or tissues surrounding the eye. Usually the lymphoma stays in the area where it begins and is not widespread. Many of these other MALT lymphomas have also been linked to infections with bacteria or viruses.

One of the main side effects is risk of infection . Chemotherapy temporarily reduces the number of white blood cells, which help fight infection. You may be given drugs to reduce your risk of getting an infection. Chemotherapy can also affect red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body, and platelets which help the blood to clot. Other side effects can include feeling sick , sore mouth and hair loss . There are different ways side effects can be controlled or managed. Always let your doctor or nurse know about any side effects you have. We have more detailed information on side effects of chemotherapy .

Primary cns lymphoma steroids

primary cns lymphoma steroids


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