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Otherwise, Re cortisol, HP axis dysregulation is more complex to accurately assess and fix than I’d originally seen, and as I’ve discovered in recent seminars I’ve atteneded. I’m still digging into my cortisol issues to get an accurate picture and course of complete action to resolution. I’ll definitely being a complete episode on this in future. In the mean time I would find a functional doctor who is familiar with using both urine and salivary cortisol panels to get a more complete and accurate picture of the underlying issue.

In the period 2004-2014 I have been project leader of two projects within the Public Private Partnership ‘Top Institute Food & Nutrition’ (TIFN), of which TNO is a partner. Within these multidisciplinary projects the research was devoted to the effect of the activity of the microbiota on gut health, and the (direct) interaction of pro- and prebiotis with the immune system of the host. Since Sept 2014 I run a newly established research group at Maastricht University - campus Venlo, where I have a chair in Gut Microbiology and where we use TIM to study the effect of the gut microbiota on health, and the role of pro- and prebiotics (amongst others) to modulate the gut microbiota and its activity.

Phuket pro nutrition steroids

phuket pro nutrition steroids


phuket pro nutrition steroidsphuket pro nutrition steroidsphuket pro nutrition steroidsphuket pro nutrition steroidsphuket pro nutrition steroids