Oral t cell lymphoma

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Treatment of mantle cell lymphoma is difficult because patients usually are diagnosed in stage IV where the MCL has advanced throughout the body. There are many different therapeutic regimens to treat MCL; most include multiple chemotherapy drug administrations. Rituximab ( Rituxan ), in combination with other chemotherapy drugs , is typically used to treat patients who have MCL. Rituxan is a monoclonal antibody used to treat different cancers of the lymphoid cells. Newer chemotherapy drugs used for MCL include bortezomib ( Velcade ). Other treatments include stem cell transplantation and R-hyper-CVAD, a more intensive form of chemotherapy. Some patients may benefit from surgical debulking (removal of tissue to reduce symptoms). There is no cure for MCL; treatments are done to reduce symptoms and/or to increase limited survival time. Patients should speak with their physician team members to decide what treatment options are best.

Oral t cell lymphoma

oral t cell lymphoma


oral t cell lymphomaoral t cell lymphomaoral t cell lymphomaoral t cell lymphomaoral t cell lymphoma