Oral t carter

Once my moms friends went to spend the night in the house she lived in and they actually saw her… that is so scary! The story is wrong though she was not murderd she got really sick she had nmonia [or somthing like that] when she came to visit her aunt and uncle. She was born is Indiana. When she got there she went up to her room and then her Aunt heard a really strange sound like someone gettimg shoked but she was dieing…they burried her in a forest wich is now under many apatments & some homes when they went to dig her up there was nobody in the casket. People say they see her walking down south parkway every now and then. oh and its off of the Parkway

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Platt, Nick – What Do Ambassadors Really Worry About
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Precht, Henry – Iran
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Kurland : “In my era, the thing I heard more than anything from the audience was, I didn’t think I liked country music . It turns out, you didn’t not like country music, you just never listened to country music before because you had an attitude about it. That’s part of the Bluebird’s larger legacy: We helped popularize country music to a different audience. The CMA [Country Music Association] may say, We were putting in millions of dollars into it at that time , but we were over there providing a place for people to hear music they’d never been willing to listen to—people would come to the Bluebird who weren’t going to the Opry.”

Oral t carter

oral t carter


oral t carteroral t carter