New onset steroid induced diabetes

Steroid diabetes must be distinguished from stress hyperglycemia , hyperglycemia due to excessive intravenous glucose, or new-onset diabetes of another type. Because it is not unusual for steroid treatment to precipitate type 1 or type 2 diabetes in a person who is already in the process of developing it, it is not always possible to determine whether apparent steroid diabetes will be permanent or will go away when the steroids are finished. More commonly undiagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes are brought to clinical attention with corticosteroid treatment because subclinical hyperglycemia worsens and becomes symptomatic. Generally, steroid diabetes without preexisting type 2 diabetes will resolve upon termination of corticosteroid administration.

Although animal experiments show that diabetes mellitus increases susceptibility to toxic liver injury caused by certain compounds (., APAP), there is no evidence to show that diabetes mellitus increases the risk of all-cause DILI in humans. Liver injury due to selected compounds such as methotrexate and anti-tuberculosis medicines may be increased in individuals with diabetes. A preliminary report from the United States Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN) showed that underlying diabetes mellitus was independently associated with the severity of DILI (odds ratio=; 95% CI=–) (16).

I have noticed trouble keeping my train of thought at times and my short term memory not being as good as it used to.  I was prescribed the generic form of Keppra, which caused me to be extremely mood, low energy, rash and depression.  After that experience I am reluctant to take anymore AED's.  I'm feeling good and taking better care of myself.  Making sure I'm hydrated, taking my vitamins, eating healthy and getting my sleep and exercise.   I realize I am taking a risk by not taking the drugs.  I'm also looking into getting a second opinion as well as other sources of treatment. 

New onset steroid induced diabetes

new onset steroid induced diabetes


new onset steroid induced diabetesnew onset steroid induced diabetesnew onset steroid induced diabetesnew onset steroid induced diabetes