List of german baseball players

The first Major League players from Germany were David Lenz and Marty Swandell who both debuted from May 7 , 1872 for Brooklyn Eckfords . Swandell had played for the club since 1863 , while Lenz was a 21-year old catcher who played the opening four games of the season with the club before being replaced by William Bestick . Over the next twenty years another eight players played in the majors, but only two played more than forty in their career - the most successful of which was pitcher Charlie Getzein who won 145 games. From 1893 through 1897 , there were no Germans in the majors, but then until the American entry into World War I another twelve players played in the majors.

The United Kingdom’s ongoing love affair with this hot drink began somewhat recently. Tea—which is probably of Chinese origin—didn’t appear in Britain until the 1600s. Initially, the beverage was seen as an exotic curiosity with possible health benefits. Shipping costs and tariffs put a hefty price tag on tea, rendering it quite inaccessible to the lower classes. Even within England’s most affluent circles, tea didn’t really catch on until King Charles II married Princess Catherine of Braganza . By the time they tied the knot in 1662, tea-drinking was an established pastime among the elite in her native Portugal. Once Catherine was crowned Queen, tea became all the rage in her husband’s royal court. From there, its popularity slowly grew over several centuries and eventually transcended socioeconomic class. At present, the average Brit drinks an estimated three and a half cups of tea every day .

List of german baseball players

list of german baseball players


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