Jason blaha steroids

the guy is very insecure and a compulsive liar

his physique is awful but its not though lack of trying and as others have pointed out his goals have always been strength based to the best of my knowledge and he placed fairly well in the BPU qualifiers 

i wasnt aware of his high gear use but again some people just dont have the genetics to build a great physique regardless of the amount of hormones they put into their body, sure they'll look better but muscle insertions and limb length will still play a huge roll in how impressive and full their muscle bellies look

" A true Mesomorph will after 6 months of training look like he's spent 10 years in the true ectomorph who's been training 10 years, will look like he's spent 6 months in the gym" - Arthur Jones of Nautilus fame

Jason blaha steroids

jason blaha steroids


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