Frenulum breve steroid cream

Infections are due to balanitis and posthitis. Posthitis is the foreskin infection which is due to fungal infection that exists in moist and hot conditions. On the other hand, balanitis is both foreskin and glans infection that is brought about poor hygiene. Some males will have posthitis or the so call balanitis which tends to iterate which could lead to scar formation. Chronic infections also may lead to having urinary tract infections. While infections that recurs in the kidney will greatly affect the function of the kidneys per se.

The condition may be treated with surgery. There are several different techniques to treat this condition. Threading a suture through the lower membrane, and then tying a tight knot around the frenulum itself is a procedure that minimises invasive action. After a few days the frenulum will weaken and eventually break apart to allow the prepuce to fully retract. Other procedures involve the cutting of the skin and require the use of sutures to help in the healing process. Stretching exercises and steroid creams may also be helpful. Alternatively, it may be treated by a reparative plastic surgery operation called a frenuloplasty , or by complete circumcision including resection of the frenulum ( frenectomy ).

Frenulum breve steroid cream

frenulum breve steroid cream


frenulum breve steroid creamfrenulum breve steroid cream