East german rucksack

Careful questioning elicited the information that Kaspar Hauser had been imprisoned for many years. Locked away in a lightless hutch, he had been kept in a state of almost complete ignorance. He spoke of a jailor who brought him food and taught him to say: “I want to be a cavalryman, like my father” – words to which he himself appeared to attach no significance. According to his new guardians, however, honesty was not Kaspar Hauser’s strongest trait. In 1833, Hauser died of a knife wound, one that may have been self-inflicted. His gravestone states, alluringly: “Here lies Kaspar Hauser, a riddle of his time”.

Rudolf Steiner developed the first Waldorf School, when Emil Molt, owner and manager of the Waldorf-Astoria Tobacco Company asked Steiner, an Austrian educator, with many progressive ideas on education to develop a school for their employee’s children. The Waldorf Schools embraced a holistic and humanistic approach to education. This first school was started in 1919. Hitler later banned these schools because of the broad humanistic approach to education did not conform to his views. After World War II, these schools began to reopen. 

East german rucksack

east german rucksack


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