Dbol pills pics

ZzzZZzzzZZzzz... I thought I explained it well enough so you could understand, sorry.. I did not take these pictures the day they were put up! what else is left to say, i could have waited a little and put before midway and after pics up in the same day but your head would probably explode lol.. I spaced them out a little bit so i could get feedback on them before i posted my next one, the last one however was taken 2 days before i posted it so that ONE was posted the same time.. And yup, just creatine sorry im not doing what you imagined but you can check my order if you want 2dbol and one winstrol (only one dbol was for me) no clomid or nolv! Im not asking you if you believe me or not, I know nobody on here personally and have no reason to make phony stuff up to impress people i will probably never meet. Just giving you the stats, take it for what you want or disagree with visual proof and move on to the next pic/forum.. Sorry my gains or success wasnt gratifying to you! Have a good day.

Dbol pills pics

dbol pills pics


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